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Becoming a Woman Who Listens To God


Includes a 16 lesson Bible study guide!

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Do you find yourself longing to hear God’s voice – not as a once-in-a-lifetime experience but on a daily basis? Do you have a desire to see His fingerprints on the pages of your busy everyday life?

“When I pore over the pages of Scripture,” says author Sharon Jaynes, “I discover that some of God’s most memorable messages were not delivered while men and women were away on a spiritual retreat but right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. He spoke to Moses while he was tending sheep, to Gideon while he was threshing wheat, to the woman at the well while she was drawing water for her housework. It is not a matter of does He speak, but will we listen.”

More than a “how to” book, this book is a warm, fun, tender look at recognizing some of the wonderful and unexpected ways God reaches out to us with His love and presence. You will feel refreshed, reaffirmed, and renewed as you engage in listening to the One who loves to talk to you.

Published by Harvest House Publishers

3 reviews for Becoming a Woman Who Listens To God

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    This book made me think deeply about my relationship with God and how to listen to His voice each and every day. I laughed out loud while reading it and shed tears – God truly spoke to me through this book. I would have to say that for me it was life-changing. I highly recommend it and think it would make an excellent Bible study for women.
    -By C. Barwick “sherrygb” McDonough, GA USA

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    This book has changed my life! I’ve been a christian for over 11 years, serve in multiple ministries at my church, and yet I always battled with recognizing God’s voice. Sharon Jaynes does a great job of teaching us that God is always speaking to us, we just need to learn how to listen! My small group and I all were able to hear God clearer within a few weeks into the study. I believe that all of our lives have been changed, and we all feel closer to God now then we have ever felt. Her book helped me grow closer to God (so much that I bought two more of her books!)
    -Nadine F. “Nadine F.” (Ridgeway, VA)

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    Inspirational! She helps open one’s eyes to God in action every day. I thoroughly enjoyed Becoming a Woman Who Listens to God. It is obvious that Sharon Jaynes loves God and sees His hand in her daily activities. The author isn’t trying to give a doctrinal statement on what the Bible says, she is helping the readers discover God as they go through the day. 

The reason this book made an impact on me was that the author shares her personal experiences, both those that put her in a favorable light and those that don’t. One of my favorites was when she watched the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. She wrote about a key segment of the film in which there is a fire where the bad guys are trying to obtain the jewel that will lead them to the ark. From this situation, Jaynes drew the analogy of 3 types of people and how they are seeking God. Since this is one of my favorite films I was instantly engrossed in the description. From her clear description of the 3 types of people I realized that God had indeed revealed truth to her through the movie. I have watched that movie several times and yet I never saw that analogy. 

A second example that meant a lot to me was when she went to her son’s school to meet with one of the teachers. After the meeting, God spoke to her as she watched a busload of handicapped students get off the bus. Later that day, her husband asked how the meeting with the teacher went. She said, “Oh, it was fine, but let me tell you about the one I had with God in the parking lot.” It was good that she recognized God’s voice through the situation, but it was awesome that she shared that experience with her husband. Immediately, I found myself asking “When was the last time I shared what God was teaching me with my hubby?” 

If you want to know God better and be able to recognize His voice in the midst of a busy schedule, read this book. You will be glad that you did. I know that I am.
    By Merry Mary (Atlanta, GA)

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